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Bach gifts, Nothing But Bach gifts is what we wanted to call this page first, however "Bach Gifts and More Bach Gifts" is what we liked better later. Staring with this sentence you are convinced. These two Bachs really have their own style. And because it's the way we are, you get pictures on this page "only". If you like one of the Bach gifts or you want to order a Bach gift or you would like to learn more about one of the Bach gifts, please click to the shop pages and find out more there.


On this page we start with all Bach calendars - of course Bach gifts, too - as you don't find 32 of them elsewhere in the Universe: not on Google, not on amazon, not on the internet and not in book stores. If you are a Bach fan or you know somebody is a Bach fan, this calendars might be the perfect gifts. Below the calendars please find more suggestions related to the subject of Bach. Here you get to the shop with just a click on the button.


You really didn't want to be entertained right now, but you are looking for cool Bach gifts? Well, then click the button here to get straight to the shop.

Bach Gifts, Really Many Bach Gifts: the "Manual" for You Related to this Page of My Website

Order gifts and "have a quick look" at gifts beforehand - all you have to do is click here. With your click you are then directly in the shop, choose a topic and you are already with the selection. For example, you will not only find a music calendar, but also a lot of calendars. More precisely? 99, as already mentioned above. To the topic "Bach", to the topic "composers", to the topic "music" and to the topic "music for children". There are gifts about gifts. 


To read about these many gifts and to learn what is special about them, how some developed from ideas to gifts ... and that with a lot of time, leisure and fun: You can do that if you "stay on board" with us - on this page below. Nowhere on this page do we "get to the point" immediately. Although, you can always leave the page. No, we didn't mean to disappear completely. But, you can click to the shop if you are enthusiastic about a gift, or if you have found a category of gifts from which you are now interested in the individual offers.


So if you have that time and leisure now - or later - then read on now: Gifts about gifts - about Johann Sebastian Bach. And we want to start with the books, with our own Bach books of course at the very beginning. Have fun


 Yours Renate Bach


Without Bach researcher Helga Brück from Erfurt we would never have discovered my husband's "genealogical roots". Seriously now. 


Unfortunately, Mrs. Brück died much too early and completely unexpectedly. We will certainly not forget her. By the way, here's a cool video of eight minutes about Erfurt with her.

My husband, Peter Bach Jr., half the portion of our Johann Sebastian Bach mission. He is the scribbler and he photographs. And he is the author of the "Bach about Bach" homepages. 


I am now also his publisher and try to refinance his "fun in historical shopping".

Petra-Ines Kaune malte die niedlichen, duftigen Aquarelle für die Bach-Biografie für Kinder. Es sind die beiden Barock-Engelchen Vitus und Balthasar.


So ist die kleine Biografie, die es auf Papier, als eBook, als pdf für Tablets und Smartphones und auch als Hörbuch in drei Varianten gibt, ein reines Familienprojekt. Petra-Ines ist meine Schwägerin. Diese Biografie gibt es übrigens auch "individualisiert".

Bach and I - that is simply not to be missed at all on one of my publishing house homepages. By the way, it is the Bach monument in Eisenach, where the composer was born, but not in the Bachhaus. 

Artists and authors are delighted: when they get the biggest place on a publisher's page. Relatively soon after this recording, my husband received an "A" for his very first essay in his first school class. Not because it was good ... no, he got the "one" because the essay was eight pages long.

"Truck loads" of Bach gifts for children in 5 Bach shops  learn more.


The Music Gifts and My Philosophy

The calendars around Johann Sebastian Bach are a really neat selection on the subject of gifts ... and the other 66 music calendars as well. Even a completely individual composer calendar is possible. We offer you a selection of paintings by 36 classical composers. You choose 12, of which we make your calendar. Is this an offer? If you'd like to take a quick look to see if there are actually so many different Bach calendars ... then just click on the link.

To the gifts page the background, in very few words: Johann Sebastian Bach makes us fun. My husband and me. He likes to write and I like to do research in Bach's family tree. "Bach über Bach" is the name of my husband's cross-media project on our common mission in the matter of Johann Sebastian Bach. We have made it our task to spread the work, life and music of Johann Sebastian Bach. In order to be able to at least partly finance the costs for many illustrations, Bach stamps, historical documents, travel, speakers, overnight stays and translations, I have thought about how we could continue to finance the project ... also to "lift" quite different projects in the matter of Bach one distant day. Gifts, not gifts from me to you - but gifts from you to your loved ones, to friends, to acquaintances, to customers or business partners ... that seemed to me a good idea ... as well as every museum does. Also several Bach facilities.


With the purchase of one of the gifts, which could be the perfect present for fans of Johann Sebastian Bach as well as for kids, who are indirectly and carefully introduced to the "matter of Bach" and "classical music" with such gifts, you directly support this project of my husband and our common mission. Of course, we hope to be able to finance our further research and the expansion of the project on an international basis - just like any other institution, but us without public support.


I would also like to consciously offer gifts on the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach internationally, because Bach is not as well known beyond the entire English-speaking world as he is today in Great Britain, the USA and Germany. Particularly in China and throughout Asia, classical music and with it the works of Johann Sebastian Bach are meeting with ever greater interest. Especially through gifts, such as the international Bach colouring book, the Bach biography for children and via the Internet, I and my husband want to address this enormous number of people on two very different "channels" and inspire them for the work, the life and above all the music of Johann Sebastian Bach: I with my publishing house "Bach 4 You", that is exactly the Renate Bach publishing house and the many Bach presents and music calendars, he with his "Bach about Bach" project ... together our common "Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Mission".

Meanwhile There Are 33 Bach Calendars

Bach gifts and more Bach gifts are just Bach calendars and more Bach calendars, too. Here - with a click on the link - you get to the shop and there you can explore the monthly pages.


The Bach Quodlibet Calendar, also a Bach calendar.


Just a reminder ... 5 Bach shops  learn more.


Bach Books and More Bach Books

Did you know that there are about 7,000 Bach biographies alone that have been published in 270 years? time? The most important historical biographies can still be bought today as new,that is to say not used. However, 2 of the best ones are only available used on the German market any more. Of course at "Bach 4 You". What's special on the English speaking market: The first one, the biography by Klaus Eidam is what you can still buy as a new copy. The other one, the "Little Chronicle of Magdalena Bach" is what we can't find anywhere, even as a used product.


A dream came true: that of my husband. A family production. A biography about Bach for children. It is available as a real, printed book, as an eBook, as a pdf file for tablets and smartphones, as an audio book in three versions and finally even as an individualized version. And this Bach biography is proud of its own homepage and a short exciting video.

Also a pure "family production": My husband had the idea and put together the templates and themes. Briana Bach-Hertzog, a gifted painter in the USA, more precisely in Virginia, painted the drawings afterwards. By the way, she is a "whole corner closer" to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. And finally I did the "whole rest". What you do as a publisher. You hunt for mistakes, you lay out, you design 50 covers again and again: You plan, discard, try, correct ... and at some point you find it good and successful.

The latest work of the publishing house "Bach 4 You" and unfortunately only for Bach fans who speak good German. Because not even translated it would be fun for people who don't speak German very well. Unfortunately.

The ultimate favorite book about JOhann Sebastian Bach of my husband. A biography absolutely far from boring. It is one of those books, which you would love to put away any more: Klaus Eidam's master piece "The True life of JOhann Sebastian Bach". In German it's not available anymore. However, you have the option to order it on AMAZON. The shop "BAch 4 You" doesn't offer it, as there is no sense, if it comes with S & H from Germany. On AMAZON please check with Toger Hoyt, the translator from German to English. With Klaus Eidam it might not show up.

Believe it or not, it is one of the most successful biographies about Johann Sebastian Bach, published over decades in many, many editions, even with different covers and edited by different publishers. Unfortunately, more recent biographies eventually replaced the book so worth reading.


Even though some Bach experts rightly point out that it is not a biography at All, it is one of the most recommendable, charming biographies about Bach. The biographical holplers are insignificant.


The book only exists used. You can find it at "Bach 4 You". And it's annoying: WE didn't find one - even used - copy in English. So sorry, folks.


Books are and have always been perfect gifts. Whether on paper - as over centuries - or in the meantime always more than eBooks or in addition, as audio book. With us additionally also with music and without music, with much music or with exaggerated much music. A gift from "Bach over Bach" in many variations. But first it's about real books. Just on paper. High-quality printed. Offset, of course. Valuably bound with thread. And yet clearly ... with a ribbon. Cutely illustrated. And written pedagogically valuable for children. Unique in the world is certainly this first Bach biography, which you can even order individually. But more about it at the end of this chapter.




Writing a real book. With pictures and illustrations. This is the dream of many people and it was also the dream of my husband. In April 2014 this dream became reality and since the beginning of May 2015 you can also buy it: the biography of Johann Sebastian Bach for children. It is the perfect gift for the smaller of the potential future Bach fans on earth. But of course the colouring book is better for the little ones: on paper ... logical ... and with a Mini-Bach biography, perhaps the shortest in the whole world.


After all, there are four segments within the paper book offer of "Bach 4 You". There are exactly the books that I publish in the Renate Bach Verlag and offer in the shop. My husband wrote them, I put them together ... and now we recommend the cute and exciting results to you: All variations are perfectly suitable as gifts, because they are not one thing, they are overloaded with technical and factual information. 


The second group of books in the shop are the books that I consider to be the best "in their discipline". So please note: these are the books that I personally think are cool. Subjectively. My opinion. Such Bach books of over 54,000 Bach publications in the meantime, of which 7,000 are biographies alone. There are certain directions: Books for children, factually and professionally high-quality biographies, highly exciting biographies, historical biographies, then novels, lovely literature as a biography genre and of course the Bach travel guides. I would like to introduce you to what I personally recommend. Not objective at all.


Finally, the third category of my offer in the shop are "all other books" on the subject of Bach, which are well suited as gifts. My homepage wants to give you an overview of all the new books the market has to offer. Listed however only once. So that you do not lose the overview afterwards immediately again.


In the end, two books are the exception: On the one hand they are so great that I absolutely want to recommend them, on the other hand they are no longer new. I invest a lot of time so that I can buy good to very well preserved used copies and you can then buy them in the shop ... used ... buy there. But more about that later. So far to the topic "books on real paper" ... as a great gift idea for Bach.  

A Bach Gift in The Style of Our Era: the Bach Biography for Children as an audio book. With No Bach Musik, with Bach Little Music and with Much Bach Music

Above all, it must be exciting: such a biography about a person who has not lived for so long. Premise at primary school age? Just don't break anything now.

17 chapters, embedded in 19 musical works by Bach. This can be "sustained" if none lasts longer than three minutes. Until the exciting story continues. Do you remember? To outwit the little ones very carefully.

There is a bit more music and that's why this version is also suitable for the dad in traffic jams. Because he will ... felt ... half shorter, the traffic jam (... not the daddy) and so you can shorten the time in eight hours of standstill quite wonderfully. Of course, this biography is not just a way to shorten your time. Some adults reported that this variant is exactly the right portion of biography in which you can consume it "easy going". Oh yes ... there are, by the way, 66 music interruptions and recordings.

This book, actually the short biography of Johann Sebastian Bach from 1750, can be read free of charge, but then ... the listening is not much fun anymore. Alternatively, you can listen to them - enriched with music by Bach. Click here to get to the shop.

What else is there to mention? To the audio book variants? There are 33 musical works that you can listen to in advance on my husband's page, at "Bach über Bach". And they are the most popular and best-known pieces by Bach. Of course, with 66 entries it becomes clear that all works are repeated at least once, at most three times. But with a running time of eight hours, this is deliberately intended because, as with contemporary music, a certain piece often only pleases you after the second or third listening. 


Another variant of the biography on Bach for Children is the electronic reading service. On the one hand there is the pure textbook, but on the other hand there is also the version for your tablet or smartphone. Right, or that of your daughter or that of your son. On the tablet version you can also see all the pictures and the cute illustrations. But of course this biography is also available as a read-only version for your laptop or PC. 


In preparation is the paperback version, which will certainly be created in the coming months. The next big project is 2017 / 2018, the translation for an English biography about Bach for children. 

For 25 Children at the Same Time: The Two Real Cool Bach Kindergarten Games

This kindergarten game - actually there are two kindergarten games - has its own homepage and of course it is especially proud of it. Have a quick look there.

Above, these are the small painting templates that match the sheets with the drawings. In the colouring book they are on the opposite page. And that's why it doesn't work to simply "disassemble" a colouring book. And because that's how it is, my husband invented a Bach kindergarten game. One? No, he doesn't give in to that. He had to invent two at once. The second is the "Bachwochen-Kindergartenspiel XXL". The exciting thing about these two Bach games? They need sponsors, comrades-in-arms, like-minded people or companions who want to spread Johann Sebastian Bach with us. And how does it work? 


Do you love classical music? And do you think more people should get to know the quality of this music? Then you can't start early enough. You can outsmart your own children. And also those of other parents. By showing them an interest in such a composer. His life is told in an exciting way. Full of adventures and experiences, strokes of fate and honours. Then perhaps there is a chance that they will also be a little enthusiastic about his music. Carefully, of course. And then it works better later when you learn to play an instrument. Bach was quite obviously of the opinion that playing the piano was not that difficult ... you just have to press the right key at the right time. Back to the plan.


So you love classical music? Do you like our idea? Buy such a game. Bring it to the kindergarten of your choice. And after four weeks, ask if it made sense. And with it: Welcome to our international Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team. 


Das ist es. Das Bach-Kindergartenspiel. Und das Bachwochen-Kindergartenspiel XXL? XXL, das sind 5 Sets und Auszeichnungen inform von 3 Bach-Biografien für Kids und 4 Bach-Malbüchern, einer Zusammenstellung von Bachs Musik als Hintergrund beim Malen und Vorlesen, das "Bach-Medley" sowie eine etwas andere Spielanleitung.

If you - a classically enthusiastic educator - our idea and the fun of 25 kids come together, then what can all arise from it! By the way, the game is well thought out and can therefore be played with ten children more or ten children less. And with nine and with eight and with seven and so on.


Bach on Canvas: Dreamlike Gifts for Your Home and Office


These are 6 of 12 motifs in the same watercolour style: the theme is the worldwide Bach monuments.  Here it goes - after a long time - once again to the shop.


If you are not enthusiastic about the "dusty" - sorry, historical - Bach paintings, then the right Bach for you is certainly among those above. And if not? In the shop there are many, many more of them. Promised. 

There's just not spooible. Ther actually are "dusty" historical pictures. A cool collection for every music room, a decoration for your office or waiting area in your practice. 


It goes without saying that we offer you fine pictures on canvas of the well-known Bach paintings, wood engravings, steel engravings and lithographs, so that you can decorate your music room, waiting room, office or practice with them. And even entire galleries can be designed from a series of similar motifs. Only the originals, i.e. the original paintings by Haußmann, Ihle and Rentsch ... there are ... as a copy of course ... not in "Bach 4 You". 


What is even more exciting, however, are the many, many suggestions beyond the usual "old-venerable" historical pictures. New, contemporary works of art, collages and motifs related to Bach's life. Just click on the shop now and browse a little. You can explore a few examples below and maybe you'll be interested in more. 


Alternatively, compose pictures on canvas of the Bach towns and places: photographed by my husband in the best weather and all in a consistent style. Of course this is also possible with enormously enlarged historical postcards. Or you can decorate the hallway with large pictures of historical Bach monuments. There are - actually - no limits to your creativity. 


Just in case you forgot ... 5 Bach shops  learn more.

The Noble Bach Gift: Johann Sebastian as a Tin Figure 3D and "Raw", Johann Sebastian Bach 3D and Painted and of Course ... the "Bach Combi" from Both


In fact, as a painted figure he impresses already, the stream. But when you see how the raw - the collector says also bare - pewter figure looked before, before painting, then both together are a particularly exciting combination and also an eye-catcher. For every place at home, in the office, in the practice or in your office. Find out more about the Bach tin figures in the shop.


Once around Bach. This is what a fully plastic figure looks like. Still blank. Great from all sides! In contrast to the fully plastic figures, the flat pewter figures are actually much better known. 


Right, that's a flat tin figure, a full eight inches high. That's why the Euro is also included as a benchmark. And because the Americans usually don't know how big a Euro is, there's also a US Quarter Dollar around. Both coins and the fruit bowl are not included in the offer. And the kitchen in the background would also be an extra and not yet included in the price. 


If you are reading here, then I am happy, because you have already taken a lot of time to read and to look at the many pictures and offers. And if you have a little more time now, then stay here. The tin figure above is not only flat, it is something very special. Because it is specially designed, drawn, engraved, cast and finally painted for my publishing house. So what? You might ask yourself that now. Rightly so. Tin figure collectors are a tiny, sworn community of creative people. Especially, actually especially when they paint tin figures themselves, not just collect them. Such a collector of tin figures is the father of my husband - yes, right, now Peter Bach sr. - he paints himself and if an ensemble is of very special importance to him, then he also "has" painted. You don't have to emphasize how exactly such an artist has to act on the tiny figure. Simplest figures are painted with one colour ... of course for each place a different one. But there are still no shadows and lights to be recognized. Shadows and lights? Yes, this painting makes the figure really three-dimensional. 


That is already very special with flat tin figures and often only the specialists know it: Flat tin figures are always set up parallel to the horizon before the viewer. If a composer, brewer or firefighter is to be seen from the side, he must be engraved beforehand and then cast. All flat pewter figures are also parallel to each other. So he collects - my father-in-law - and paints and has dioramas built. Dioramas are small open boxes - or also somewhat larger - in which later a scene - a story - is represented. Peter Bach sr. is a specialist in the history of brewing beer and the history of the fire brigade through the centuries. With round 200 dioramas - scenes like the part of a model railway - he exhibits these two themes in museums, breweries and town halls.


And why am I telling you this? Well, if you grow up in such an environment, i.e. from the age of 5 until today - so to speak - then, if you care so much about Johann Sebastian Bach, you would also like to "publish" your own tin figure about Bach ... yes indeed, pewter figures are "published". So my husband grabbed the steel engraving of the monument in Eisenach, had a preparatory drawing done for the engraving, then had the work produced in a first blank and finally, when Bach was finally perfect in tin, had a first one painted on. We counted it: A total of 10 artists were involved, until today you can buy this Bach in Zinn as one of the Bach presents. 


It is interesting to mention that the little angel who keeps Bach's book for reading does just as much work as the actually relatively large Bach. What a pun. Did you even notice him ... the little grey tiny one?

Bach Gifts for Stamp Collectors?

The stamps that you will find at "Bach 4 You" from time to time must be big and exciting. On the theme of Bach or on the theme of composers. They are intended as wall decorations, in a great frame with a large passe-partout. And if you want, then also in a small gallery with several frames and several stamps. And what exactly does the publisher offer? You can find out at a shop.


If you collect all the stamps that have ever existed on the theme of Bach and still exist today - and then you can add a few, but not all Cinderellas - then you will end up with many, many sources and you will also manage from time to time to "get hold" of" the most beautiful and largest and most beautiful large Bach stamps a second time. And that's what we do.


Under no circumstances is this "section" helpful if you collect all stamps on the theme of Bach yourself or if you collect music on stamps in general, because the offer in the shop is not only too small, but much too small. By the way, here you can find the corresponding page with all stamps of Johann Sebastian Bach in the world on "Bach about Bach". But to see if I have such a Bach stamp for you to buy, please click - as usual - on the button nearby.


Bach Antiques ... and Many Bach Almost Antiques: More and More Bach Gifts

Imagine him in a huge, noble frame with a passe-partout: that makes something.


For those who want to arrange it into a whole collage, there are many, many suggestions and design suggestions on the shop pages. A practice quickly becomes a vernissage, in the office you "missionize" your and our passion.


Or you nail Bach to the wall because you simply find the motif quite exciting.

Antiques in the shop - if they are printed works, lithographs or paintings, postcards or music books - are always an original, in contrast to pictures on canvas. They are between 40 and 150 years old and "hunted" by us with much, much effort and perseverance in order to later ... scanned or photographed ... to illustrate one of the Bach websites. Of course, there are always other "treasures" and if you wanted to furnish yourself with a wall full of "jewels", you would have to visit the antiques shop regularly ... but who wants that?!


Some small antiques are not prints or postcards in the above sense. Of course you can get them in a frame somehow, but you don't do that with them. They are tiny books with a complete biography about Bach. And because these little books - they are two different ones, a small one and an even smaller one - are from 1985, according to Wikipedia, they are not antiques either, precisely because they are not yet 50 years old. But let's be honest: is that important? The possibility for us to find such a tiny book in fine leather is rare, but this even smaller one with the medal: this is practically nowhere to be found.


You know: if you like the idea of the Euro and the Quarter, both will be added to the purchase price. You can view the even smaller booklet about Bach in the shop. Of course, the coins are not meant seriously.

The Bach Medley ... What Kind of Bach Gift is that


"Zitate" means quotes.


You can really listen to that more than once. An exciting audio collage of quotations about the great composer, his music and an ultra-short biography of only 8 minutes to the point. All segments were spoken by two professionals. Here it goes again - directly to the shop.


If you've already collected all the quotations that have ever been said about the composer Johann Sebastian Bach - after dealing with sound engineers, sound studios and professional speakers for over 30 years - and if you've already "invented" a little biography with music ... then it makes sense to make something very special out of these quotations and Bach's music and this mini-biography. And that's now available and it's best for listening in the car. It's even more fun in traffic jams, by the way.


The curious thing is that you can listen to it in two ways. Once there is an audio example in the shop, there you simply listen into an entire sequence. Then you can also get to know the individual parts: that is, you read the quotations - with one click here - listen to the music - with one click here - and you look at the biography - with one click here. But whether listening to the Bach Medley is still a real pleasure ... I dare to doubt it. A very special gift is this little work of art, by the way, instead of a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers on your next visit to your friends. Have fun listening.


Many, many Bach Gifts ... Now Many at a Glance!


So? Are you now in the mood to hop to the shop ... in the matter of Bach? You can't actually wait to visit the shop? 

What Would Gifts Related to the Subject of Johann Sebastian Bach Be Without His Immortial Music?

142 CDs, 1,128 works. Complete. Status today. And the best? In addition, you get the "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe" and a second add-on of your choice from an offer of 10 options. It's really exciting! By the way: you get the 16.800 note sheets with Bach's music as a download, not as 50 paper volumes.


2 Out of 10 Free Bach Add-Ons is What Comes with Your Bach Music Purchase


Bach's cool music, and that is to say for a low price plus two additional free Bach add-ons. Where elso on the earth do you get such another?


One can argue wonderfully about the quality of music. Really extensive. Not only does the one Mozart find more great than Beethoven and Wagner better than Bach. But also that Glenn Gould now plays Bach better than Pablo Casals, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra or the Fürstenfeld Bach Orchestra. There are certainly hundreds of CDs with thousands of combinations of Bach's works. The cantatas, his Passions, the Brandenburg Concertos. Never, never, never can we make a selection here and then prefer the one to the other or even form an opinion as to what is "better" or "played better".


Even more: There are connoisseurs for whom our music could be better performed on the homepage, they are no longer interested in getting to know the melodies, but the demands are much higher. And then there are actually also many epicures, who could advise us rather than us just them. They certainly know better where to get top music from Bach.


But there is still a "rest of people" left and they also fit perfectly to our offer, namely to spread the knowledge of Bach's music and life at all. And that's why we have two exciting offers for you, in keeping with this philosophy - and also with our mission.


First of all, there is our selection of the 33 most popular and best-known works by Bach as a compilation. And they sound exactly the same as the music on the homepage "Bach about Bach" sounds. One to one. No sound is different ... and also no instrument. Listen to a couple of pieces for 15 seconds and you will know if you like this style. 


And then there's our "Super Dooper Music Offer". You have already seen it above. There is the possibility to buy all musical works "in one go". For an incredibly affordable price. These are all kinds of orchestras and if you don't have a state-of-the-art turntable at home because it simply transmits authentic music as digital media, then you can't really go wrong with this range of music. Of many offers on the market, this edition is above all a current collection. 


The Funniest Bach Gifts, the Coolest Bach Gifts and the Strangest Bach Gifts, Too


Your favourite picture on your favourite cup? That works. Your favourite picture on a cool watch? That also works. Your favourite picture on a tie? Of course you can also get it here with us. Click here to go to the shop. 


A little request here: Please click only from the shop to Zazzle, as this is the only way Zazzle will know that your order is working through our shop. What's more, even if you visit Zazzle later in a different passion: If you do it through the "Bach 4 You" shop, then - of course it's no secret - there's a small so-called advertising expense reimbursement for our project and mission. We're allowed to set the level of commission for these Zazzle items ourselves, so they fit our mission and your wallet. Nämlic, because we calculate very carefully. 


What is Zazzle anyway? Zazzle is an Internet portal that offers about 500 and soon more gifts to customize. Zazzle offers a baseball hat, we deliver the decor and you get this sports hat in a Bach design of your choice. Or Zazzle offers a variety of T-shirts. Actually ... it's super many T-shirts. You love a special motif from Bach, or a cool quote on the shirt - even from Bach - and you've already combined both components. Your desired T-shirt + your desired Bach motif ... ready.


Just click there for a moment. This is "looking for gifts" the other way round: You don't even have to know which gift you want ... try it out and let yourself be inspired. 


Soon 1,000+ Bach gifts, which of course are music gifts at the same time: that is what you will find in these 5 online shops of "Bach 4 You". With a click on the buttons above you get there in no time. Or  click more.

Music Gifts, Bach Gifts ... This Is a Great Place, if You Are Bach Fan, Music Fan or Classical Music Lover

One exception on this page is permitted, which is not related to Bach at all. The only connection between this calendar and the subject of Bach might be the music displayed on the hearts on 13 monthly pages. Would you like to discover, what is so special with this 2 Mother's Day calendars? Then hop to the shop and find it out. 


2 music gifts: on the left it's a composers calendar, which is also a music calendar, on the right it's a composwers T-shirt, which is also a music T-shirt. 


Gifts for musicians or music gifts? IN the pictures above you see the smallest Bach biography ever and on the right there is the 2021 pipe organ calendar. The Bach biography is certainly historic, the pipe organ calendar is what you can even purchase next year and the year after next year. You get to the shop via the paragraph above.





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